Allen Moore

Allen Moore is a black American artist born and raised in the small village of Robbins IL, just south of Chicago. Allen has a Bachelors of Arts, a Masters in Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting.

My work converses with the signifiers of African American culture and popular culture; bringing to view the underlying themes of racial, emotional and socio-economical, conditions. I create/perform experimental sound pieces using hand casted, graphite/carbon records that export loops of sound recordings from popular vinyl records predating 1986. The objects/performances directly parallel my emotional/spiritual narrative from childhood, paying tribute loved ones passed, and growing up as an African American male during the 80’s and beyond. My subjects/compositions exist in an environment on the fringe of order and disorder, and are then stripped down to an elemental composition of “loops”. The conception is an attempt to deconstruct and reassemble the subjects/symbols, making sense of discourse, and portraying the subjects with elegance and volume through the formal principals of rhythm and repetition. 

The use of graphite/carbon has been a continual thread. The bodies of work employ traditional 2-D materials with 3-D substrates, whose surfaces are gradually manipulated and carefully engineered, often in direct correlation with the graphite record performance. The performances are an attempt to transmute and pay tribute to memories/experiences conducive to race, spiritually and loved ones passed. I attempt to manipulate these moments in time. My use of materials necessitates a variety of found and handmade objects, “Relics” emerging from the formal elements of Music and Fine Art.