11/15: SAIC Waveforms

  • Elastic Arts 3429 West Diversey Avenue Chicago, IL, 60647 United States

SAIC Waveforms is a bi-annual concert presenting new and exciting sound & multimedia works from SAIC's sound students. The Fall 2016 edition includes works from all of the department's 1st and 2nd year graduate students: 

Ben Arguelles (http://wilshire.bandcamp.com/)
Adam Bach (http://www.adambach.com/)
Rashad Bailey (a.k.a. Guruzenn)
Reba Beauchamp (https://soundcloud.com/swanmeat)
Gin Hell (http://jh-sound.com/rubiks.html)
MrDougDoug (www.hausumountain.com)
Nicole Rinde (http://www.nicolerinde.com/)
Stefan Weich (https://stefan-weich.bandcamp.com/album/granite-prism)

The sound students' broad interests will be reflected in the evening's diverse performances: including a DJ set, live tabbed browsing, a Rubik's Cube marathon, musical works, & much more excitement!