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#2 The Musical Offering Presents Dalia Chin, flute

  • The Musical Offering 773 Custer Avenue Evanston, IL, 60202 United States (map)

Tickets: $15 general, $10 students

Fragments of flute sounds processed electronically in Francisco Castillo’s Desde un sueño espeso, suspiro inmovil, mar infinito create texturally foggy and airy moments. Three Burials by Pablo Santiago Chin uses a transcription from indigenous Peruvian chants and transforms them into complex sounds that are part of the melodic content of the piece. Monte Weber’s Augury blends a video and light component with the experimentation of the sound using water and electronics. The new work by Amadeus Regucera explores in depth his ideas of incorporating vocal and theatrical elements into the performance. This program is the result of close collaborations with all composers.

Francisco Castillo- Desde un sueño espeso, suspiro inmovil, mar infinito
Pablo Santiago Chin- Three Burials for solo flute
Monte Weber- Augury
Amadeus Regucera- New Work