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In Silence From Dawn Till Dusk (in conjunction with 2nd Floor R)

  • MANA 2233 South Throop Street Chicago, IL, 60608 United States (map)


in silence from dawn till dusk
43,200 moments of silent protest in response to the Muslim ban

in the absence of
Arif Mirbaghi (canada and iran)
raha javanfar (canada and iran)
bruce mackinnon (canada)
justin ruppel (canada)

performed by
Coleen Shirin MacPherson (canada and ireland)
Rachel Ellison (united states)

sunday february 5th
6:30 a.m. till 6:30 p.m.
mana contemporary chicago
2233 s. throop street, studio 619

from dawn till dusk was originally conceived as a 12-hour participatory performance event celebrating our cultural and religious heritage through the guidance of artists rachel ellison and coleen macpherson along with a musicle ensemble comprised of arif mirbaghi, raha javanfar, justin ruppel, and bruce mackinnon. on january 27th, donald trump signed an executive order restricting the entry to the united states by citizens of iraq, syria, sudan, iran, somalia, libya, and yemen. with two of our four musicians at risk for detainment and advised not to travel to chicago, there could no longer be music. 

we invite you to join us for 12 hours of silence.
we invite you to join us in 12 hours of reflection. 
we invite you to join us in 12 hours of action.

in silence from dawn til dusk, we invite you to write letters speaking out against hateful legislation imposed by the united states government and the trump administration. together, let us flood the white house with our outrage.

donations encouraged. all proceeds will be used to fund postage with the remainder to be distributed to the aclu.

this event is produced by Open Heart Surgery Theatre in conjunction with 2nd Floor Rear festival

call for research assistance: please send all stories relating to those directly affected by
the ban to until midnight on saturday february 4th.