Myth Creation - A short reflection on Comfort Music: Rootweb + Zach Good/Lia Kohl

By Riley Leitch


We create a mythology, or, we can imagine one being created. At what stage in its development does myth become proper knowledge? I can imagine creatures that have never existed.
How do you know that?
Action and sound can appear to have always been this way. It surely must be the same to a passerby:
            watch me (us) watching established and
            possible mythologies because maybe at
            some point in time people played drums
            with Virginia Creeper or learned how to
            express anger and then sadness from
            a cartoon.
This, I think, is what they really mean, though they would not all admit that they mean it These images and sounds, in their specific ordering, create affect and inner narratives (all informed individually). Some have held that it is a collection of different myths, others that it is one; others that it is something which in some sense auditory or physical, but which cannot be properly said to be either
The creatures I can imagine have already existed, but in a way that drones on. The information was there from the beginning, but we could not have imagined the end result.


Riley is a Chicago based trombonist. He received his MM from DePaul University and sells produce in his spare time.

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