Tamas Vilaghy produces bass music and co-hosts a weekly radio show centered on English dub and its offshoots. He writes about leftist politics and forward-thinking music, and attempts to do so dialectically. He’s published some poems and sold some photos. You can find him standing in front of the subwoofers. 

Philosophy of writing: 

Criticism has been called parasitic. This is accurate insofar as the critic is unable to recreate a performance and must allude to it through description, but it’s also a misunderstanding of the critic’s role. Criticism should seek to understand a performance in its social context, understanding it in a way the performer can’t: as a totality. This is why the critic is not simply an educated audience member (and needs no education anyway!) but an observer of contradictions. These are the sites of unfreedom latent in artistic practice, and therefore society, and it is by teasing out the contradictions of a performance that a critic can point towards attainable freedom. By doing so, criticism sheds its parasitic support of the status quo, and productively contributes to an understanding of society.